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Private Eyes and the Public Gaze : The Manipulation and Valorisation of Amateur Images

Amateur photographs and films are being increasingly used by television and documentary filmmakers to illustrate and authenticate their work. Artists pursue their own ways to enter into dialogue with personal images of memories. There is also an increasing interest in private images to be found among social scientists (cultural anthropologists, historians, media theorists) and also among psychotherapists.

To bring these different ways of dealing with amateur images together, the Centre national de l’audiovisuel and the University of Luxembourg organised in 2008 an international colloquium entitled The Manipulation and Valorisation of Amateur Images. Thirteen researchers, artists and media specialists, among them Patricia Zimmermann and Heather Norris Nicholson, were invited to give a paper and present their theoretical framework, empirical analyses, ethical reflections and concrete creative usages in this book.

Sonja Kmec/ Viviane Thill (Hgg.): Private Eyes and the Public Gaze. The Manipulation and Valorisation of Amateur Images, Trier 2009. ISBN 978-3-89890-136-9, 136 S., brosch., 380 g, 24,90 Eur[D]/25,60 Eur[A], 45 CHF

Sommaire :

07–08 Preface by Jean Back, director of the CNA and Rolf Tarrach, rector of the University of Luxembourg

09–14 Introduction by Sonja Kmec and Viviane Thill

15–26 Speculations on Home Movies: Thirty Axioms for Navigating

Historiography and Psychic Vectors by Patricia R. Zimmermann

27–34 The Valorisation of Amateur Photography with Regard to Intimate Photography. A Contemporary Reinterpretation of A Middle-Brow Art by Pierre Bourdieu by Danielle Leenaerts

Part I: Identifications

37–46 Narratives of the Private Photo Album by Petra Pierrette Berger

47–54 Home Movies: A New Technology, a New Duty, a New Cultural Practice by Susan Aasman

55–62 Is Cinema Child’s Play? The Family Films of Clotilde Muller-Libeski by Valérie Vignaux

63–68 Valorisation of Amateur Images in the Context of Migration by Saskia Klaassen Nägeli

Part II: (Re)locations

71–80 Moving Pictures, Moving Memories: Framing the Interpretative Gaze? by Heather Norris Nicholson

81–90 Papi Is Joking – SS Men as Amateur Photographers by Sandra Starke

91–98 Private Cinema in the GDR – Daily Life in the GDR on Amateur Film by Leska Krenz

99–102 Reminiscence: A Way to Use Amateur Films in Order to Work with Patients – Suffering from Memory Problems by Jean-Claude Leners

Part III: (Re)appropriations

105–110 Artist Project: Fotothek – Speciality Store for Forgotten Private Photographs by Anke Heelemann

111–118 Glimpses of Beauty Beyond Happiness: Amateur Images and Institutional Cinema by Viva Paci

119–130 Exhibiting, Editing and Commenting: Amateur Photography Going Public by Gilles Rouffineau

131–134 Amateur Aesthetics by Luc Debraine

135–138 List of Contributors